We, Freelancers, are Masochists

Such a long update for a blog heh? :p
Not busy or anything, just too lazy to write. But a promise made this year, i will routinely update my blog, well at least once a week. So brace yourself for the upcoming posts :). Ok, that was just an introduction, now lets get down to the topic :).

masochist (plural masochists)
1. someone who enjoys pain, or who derives pleasure from harming oneself or being harmed by others

We, freelancers, are masochists. A very intriguing thougt perhap, but let me explain. First, as quoted from wiktionary above, we are sometimes lead ourselves into a harm situation. The risk of not able to get regular income or in extreme condition not getting paid from what you have done at all (Indonesian freelancer will understand this :p) is extremely high, especially for newbie freelancer. Second, the odd part, we enjoy that situation, well at least for me. The pleasure from a thrill of “will i get another client this month?” or “who will be the next clients?, Are they “a-good-willing” clients or just another hard-to-work-with?” are hard to explain. But in the end i think this pleasuring pain situation that still whip us to do better of our work and life. Kinky right? :p