Process: Garis and Dania Tribute Artwork

This is a tribute illustration for original character created by friend of mine. Garis and his little sister Dania were created by Ali Hamdani, graphic designer and illustrator, who also, like me, from Bandung Indonesia. Check their Facebook page here GARISDANIA FB and twitter here @garisdania . Also make sure to check the original artwork of this character here GARISDANIA BEHANCE and here GARISDANIA PINTEREST .

In the mean time, here some behind the screen process of this illustration. Sorry for the blurry image, i captured this using phone. Oh, almost forgot, if you wondering where have you seen this illustration style before, yup it’s McBess, check out his magical artworks here MCBESS

Garis and Dania the Process

GarisDania Tribute Process 01

This is a thumbnail sketch to get the overall feel and layout i want for this illustration.


GarisDania Tribute Process 02

Some images i collect from the internet for references.


GarisDania Tribute Process 03

A final pencil sketch, just using an usual pencil above an A4 HVS paper.


GarisDania Tribute Process 04

Digitalized the pencil sketch using scanner and placed it to illustrator. I usually lower the layer transparency of this pencil sketch around 30-50% before inking.


Garis Dania Tribute Artwork 05

Using pen tool in Illustrator i then tracing the pencil sketch. Playing with various stroke weight, style, and profile.


Garis Dania Tribute Artwork 06

Add some details and manual look shading using gradient tool and texturize it using effect > texture > Grain.


Garis Dania Tribute Artwork 07

Adding some background to make the overall look more dynamics.


Garis Dania Tribute Artwork 08

Adding some more details like shading, highlite, and cloud.


Garis and Dania Tribute Artwork 09

Save the final illustrator file into .jpeg then put it to photoshop for further editing. I add some depth using filter > lens correction > custom then darken the vignette amount into -100


Garis and Dania Tribute Artwork 10

Final, i add some texture to “life” the character into more retro and classic look.

Here the final look of this artwork

Garis and Dania Tribute Artwork Final