Of Love and Money

Most of my colleague’s reaction when i told them “Yes, i’m a graphic designer” is like “Wow, a paid hobby?” or “Getting paid for drawing? That is super cool”. But, don’t know why, all this “the coolest job in the world” appreciation are inversely proportional when they hired my service as a job. By what i mean here of course about money. Sounds greedy perhaps when trying to compare between money and love. As a graphic designer, what we’re doing of course a labour-of-love but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a bill to pay every month.

From what i learn, graphic designer is not just a hobby or passion. Graphic designer is a profession just like doctor, engineer, or architect. This lack of appreciation perhaps what happens among the society, at least from what i’ve ever experienced.

Last, a nice quote from soon to be published David Airey’s book title, “Work for Money, Design for Love”. Cheers :).

Image Credit: Mario Brito