Meet Muko

Name: Muko
Place and Date of Birth: Waste District of The Unfrozen Land, 3 Jana 06 Year of the Corrupt
Gender: man, but now depend on the face its stolen
Love: you and your juicy face (and heart)

Hello there ya folks, ma name is Muko, ma came from The Unfrozen Land. Actually ma is smiling to ya right now, but ma can’t show it. Witch of The Frozen Land stole ma face, also ma heart, grrrhh… it always make ma mad every time remember it. Do not fear ma, ma come to your world in peace, ma love peace. Ma also love yar face, and perhaps yar heart, may ma “borrow” it?

Ya know what? Ma just “borrow” some pretty cute face, cap, and sarong. Ma don’t know why, but they make ma feel so religious right now. And some week later the Moslem people of yar world face the Ramadhan (yes ma has studied yar world history, ma is very smart). So why don’t ya help ma to spread the good news. Help ma help ya, who knows someday ma might like your face (and heart) and “borrow” it, who knows? *actually ma is not smirking right now, don’t be afraid.

Ya can download this Muko Ramadhan package by click here
enjoy and happy Ramadhan for y’all ;)