Identity: Vinda

Vinda is a small boutique run by my aunt in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. Like many family-related client project, or i may say almost small business client in my country, it’s an “up-to-you” type projects. I think this type of project is the most difficult one to solve beacuse you don’t even know what the problem and as you don’t know the problem how come you can resolve it. But heck anyway, this is my aunty talking, and yes i need some portfolio to developed too, and here you go.

I still do some small research though, only to know who’s the market and the overall mood she wants. The target is woman and the overall mood is “modern but not too hype and not too exclusive”. I then recommended to her to add some Indonesian traditional taste. As this was an “up-to-you” project, she agreed.

The Process

First thought on my mind was this must a logotype. My first approach was using a hand lettering type.

After a few sketch, i feel hand lettering type was too hype so i turned to a fix typeface. Choosing the right typeface was another challenge. After some experiments with several type face finally we have the winner: “Avdira Bold Italic”. The typeface fill the requirement of “modern but not too hype” mood and in a glance its also looks like a Hanacaraka (traditional Javanese alphabet).

I join the “V” and “I” character in order to make an unique and more Hanacaraka look. After some few adjusments for the kerning the identity is ready to serve.

Challenging and hard project as you don’t know what is your goal. It’s not a good thing, the ideal situation is the more information you have, the better solution provide.