Unclog That Creative Clogged

Admit it, no matter how experienced and super creative you are, there is still a monster called “creative block” haunting you. A moment when time seem turns fast toward the deadline but unfortunately something clogged that creative juice keep flowing. Here a quick tip i found useful, at least for me, when facing this problem:

  1. Browse to this page and see the random word displayed
  2. Right click the word, copy then paste to Google (or any search engine)
  3. Choose page number randomly in Google (or any search engine) and open the page displayed randomly, read the article there, fill the form, click any lick (free your mind, just go wild)
  4. After all the wild stuff lets get back to the ground. Try to relate anything you found in the previous step (article, fact, data, etc.) with the problem your facing right now (identity design, web design, brochure, etc.). Try to suspend your judgement, no matter how silly the thought and not related at all with your problem. List your “silly note” on paper and search as many as possible opportunities to your problem (while searching try to set a quota of possibility, do not stop generate altenatives until you reach the quota). After reach your quota, or perhaps exceed it, read all the list and find an interesting or suitable alternative that fit with your problem

This random and generative thought is what Edward de Bono call Lateral Thinking. Have fun, go wild.

image credit By the Associative Property… by Indie Photos