Inspiration Kills Creativity

Last couple days, in my late insomniac night, i dug some of my early year college textbook from bookshelf. No particular intention, i just tried to get my self to sleep. I found and then read a textbook titled “Proses Kreasi, Apresiasi, Belajar” (“Creation, Appreciation, Learning Process”). This book written by Primadi Tabrani a famous visual art and design professor in my country. After reading few chapters, i tend to think that why all the textbook back from your college time only make sense after you leave the college.

The most interesting part and what i try to share in this writing is this quote (found in page 44, sub-chapter 4.4.4). It said (in Bahasa):

“Sebaliknya, orang yang hidup intuisinya, kuat kreativitanya, tidak perlu meng-compute seluruh perbendaharaan data atau pengetahuan yang telah dimilikinya. Ia mampu bekerja lebih efisien, karena dengan data dan pengetahuan yang lebih sedikit, energi yang lebih sedikit, kemampuan integrasinya berhasil mencapai output yang sama.”

In English (summarize), that creative people are not need to compute all of the data (knowledge) they have. They can work efficiently and produce same output with less data (knowledge) and energy.

Some of us who work in creative field, including me, in our creative working tend to seek some visual inspirations either from the web or book. We did that in order to burst the creative mind, to awaken the idea jedi within. Sometimes it worked but on other unfortunate time ensnared us. No creative solutions produced, instead we circled ourselves in the problem. My thought is that what if we “cornered” ourselves. Push the creative mind, limit the data or information. Let the mind be savage by not facilitate it with visual abundance. Your thought?