DIFF: Do It For Fun

One reason that perhaps long forgotten when we decided to choose a career in creative fields is because it’s fun. Fun is a fuel that keep the creative spirit burn in you. Tight deadline, the urge to satisfy clients, “soft” ciritics about “why don’t you make this logo bigger” or “this image is too small” hold, or at least, lessen the fun that we want in our work.

This is where, i think, personal project plays an important role. A project that solely derived from you, for you, and for fun. The easiest way to begin is start with your hobby: football, movie, gadget, poetry, pet, etc. you name it. Small things perhaps, but these very small things can keep us feel alive and continue our work in this field.

Here some examples of fun personal project collected from Behance for your inspiration:

What if… Movies Reimagined for Another Time & Place
by Peter Stults
A while back a friend of mine forwarded me a site where artis Sean Hartter made posters of films that, title wise, we were familiar with, but there was a slight difference; they were remade as if they belonged to a different era or a different genre, the name of the movie was there, but the actors were different, the style was different, and I loved the concept. So I went forward with this theme; what if movies we were all familiar with were made in a different slice of time? Who would be in it? Who would direct it?


Football T-shirts
by Ignacio PonceWho says football is complex? It’s a matter of analyzing it in stride and you will realize that behind all the rules, goals, training, etc., There is a passion that is marked by color rather than the above mentioned. Thus this personal project is to show the football shirt of a country plus four exponents ofthe sport, to see how the simplicity of each shirt is the difference, beauty is marked by the colors and designs of each uniform.


Drawings About Talking
by Tang Yau Hoong
Speech bubbles are graphic convention used most commonly in comics, cartoons or illustrations. Instead of putting words into it to represent speech or thoughts of a character, what if the speech bubble itself has its own expression and characteristic? In this series of illustrations I wanted to explore the possibilities of telling a story/ message by speech bubbles graphically, without words or as least words as possible.


Inspired by words we did a series of posters.



Stash Wars
by Chris Clark
“Stash Wars” is a current personal project I am working on. The initial project will include Darth Vader: “The Macho Man” Bobba Fett: “The Dandy” and Darth Maul:”The Einstein”. These illustrations are inspired by my love of Star Wars and wacky moustaches.

Ok that’s it, keep the creative juices flowing guys ;)